Dre Kannon – The Sequel + Video

Back on the scene with a late video for his October 2012 single “The Sequel” by Dre Kannon taken from “The Journey” Mixtape/ Album which is said to be still in works and a definite release by the end of 2013.

Watch video here:

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Swat Team Swarm Rihanna’s Mansion After Frantic 911 Call

Swatting pranksters strike again and this time Rihanna is caught in the middle.

Rihanna was the victim of a swatting prank yesterday after a 911 call was made claiming that two armed men invaded a home in Pacific Palisades.

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According to TMZ, that home belong to Rihanna.

The 911 caller alleges that the armed men shot one person. LAPD raced to the scene only to find out that it was yet another celebrity swatting prank.

The same people behind the recent celebrity hacking also claimed ownership to the swatting pranks.

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Earlier this week Diddy was the subject of another celebrity swatting prank after over a dozen law enforcement officials converged on the music mogul’s Los Angeles mansion.

Waste of tax payer dollars.

Rihanna purchased the lavish 7 bedroom home late last year for a reported $12 million.

Khago Exposed Skatta Burrell, Says Producer Boost Him To Diss “Sizzla”

Khago and Skatta Burrell have been locked into a bitter feud since his departure from Downsound Records last month.

Last week Skatta Burrell diss the “Nah Sell Out” deejay when he broke one of his CD’s on live TV.

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Khago has since released a statement demanding an apology from the Downsound producer.

During an interview with Sanja over a game of dominoes, Khago says Skatta Burrell likes to fight against other artists.

“People just have to understand that its the same way Skatta fight Aidonia,” Khago said. “Skatta known to fight artists. Skatta use to be a deejay and it never work out for him. He use to be a selector and it never work for him. So he is just using artists to live a artist lifestyle.”

Khago also said Skatta Burrell was the one who boost him last year to diss dancehall veteran Sizzla Kalonji.

“I would never just get up and diss Kalonji on my own,” Khago said. “Kalonji first diss me but I would have just walked away and leave that alone.”

Khago also said Downsound Records head Joe Bogdanovich pay to get his artists on shows.

“I am the only Downsound artists making money, all the others artists Joe paid to get them on shows,” Khago said.