“Snoop Lion Gives Sage, Smokey Advice to Azealia Banks”

While many of his former Death Row contemporaries have faded from the public eye, Snoop Lion (née Dogg) is determined to stay relevant. He’s appeared in movies, collaborated with much-younger artists like Miley Cyrus and even has his own YouTube “news” channel, the Double G News Network.

Tuesday, Snoop’s guest was the Yung Rapunxel herself, Azealia Banks, who stopped by to chat and smoke some sort of herbal substance. The resulting interview is kind of incredible to watch—freewheeling, weird, funny and at times, illuminating. The fact that the backdrop looks like a video game and there’s all sort of random detritus on the desk is just a bonus. And kids: Don’t watch this! Or at least, don’t watch it when your parents are around. In addition to the inhalation of a semi-legal (in a few states) substance, there’s also swearing and stripper near-nudity.

During the course of their ten or so minute chat, Snoop offers a few tidbits of advice to young Azealia. Perhaps in reaction to the Twitter beef between the singer and A$AP Rocky, he talks about the color of her skin. “I want to send a shout out to you for being a chocolate diva. See, my daughter’s chocolate, right? And one thing I want to say is that they always try to push the chocolate to the back, right? But y’all got to step up front. Let them know that the chocolate flavor is here. Stand tall and deliver. Do that thing, you know what I’m saying? Represent for the dark side. You ain’t got to lay up under no machine like this with blue lights and green shit and avocados and bullshit all in it to try to get this flavor.” That last part was, we think, in reference to a tanning bed.

It’s unclear from the interview if Snoop even knows who Azealia is. At times he seems very familiar with her, and at others totally clueless. Like when he asks her where she’s from, or the type of beats she likes. She replies Harlem and “fast” ones—as anyone who’s heard “212” and “1991” can attest, that is true. Snoop replies, “You gotta get on some of those slow grooves baby girl. See one thing about a slow groove, they never play out.”

After the way these two hit it off, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Snoop lay down some tracks on Azealia’s next album. At the very least, it looks like he’s got a new smoking partner.


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