Ohio: Sexy Twerk Video Beating Dad Greg Horn Arrested

An Ohio father has been charged with child endangerment and corporal punishment after footage emerged of him beating his teenage daughters with an electric cord.

Greg Horn, 35, allegedly whipped the young girls so badly that one of them was left with visible welts on both legs and some open wounds.

The distressing 30-second clip, first posted on shock media site LiveLeak.com, shows a man whipping the screaming girls. It is not known when the video was shot.

The clips drew condemnation from viewers around the world when it appeared online and many in the online community urged child protection services to get involved.

“No matter what those kids did, no one deserves to be beaten to that extent. How can you keep going when your child is screaming like that?” one viewer asked.

“If he treated them better to begin with maybe they wouldn’t have stepped so far out of line. I’m glad my kids will never see me lose control like this.

Reports had suggested that Horn battered his daughters after he found that they had posted a twerking video of themselves on Facebook, which is a sexually suggestive dance that focuses on the lower body.

However WKEF-TV reports the girls told police that the beating was punishment for sneaking out of their father’s home in Dayton.

Horn is scheduled to appear in court on April 16.


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